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Coming to Macao!

Asia Pacific Premiere

Celebrate the film-making magic and more of the Wizarding World!

Harry Potter™: The Exhibition is a groundbreaking touring exhibition that celebrates the iconic moments, characters, settings, and beasts as seen in the Harry Potter™ film series and the Wizarding World. Through best-in-class immersive design and innovative technology, this exhibition delights visitors with original props, costumes, and powerful storytelling.


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Celebrate your favorite moments, props, costumes, characters, and locations from the Harry Potter film series, as well as experience the expanded Wizarding World including iconic moments, creatures and stories from Fantastic Beasts™ and Harry Potter and The Cursed Child™.


Choose your favorite Hogwarts™ house, wand, and Patronus to begin a personalized journey through this immersive experience: plop down in Hagrid’s giant chair, squeeze into the Cupboard Under The Stairs, and practice your Quidditch™ skills by throwing a Quaffle, all while learning behind-the-scenes filmmaking details.


“The exhibit was very immersive and personalized your experience which was creative and fun. For any fan or even not-so-much fan of Harry Potter, it was amazing to see the exhibits.”

“As a 20+ year fan of everything Harry Potter, I was thrilled to see original-to-the-films clothing and other items! My family and I had a wonderful time.”

“I was blown away by the experience; they really brought the magic of the @harrypotterfilm to life! From the interactive features to the sets, costumes, and even music, it was a #harrypotter fans’ dream.”

“I’m a huge Harry Potter fan; this was like heaven on earth for me. I loved every single second of the experience.”

“I enjoyed this immensely, despite having not been an avid fan…I am now.”

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“ interactive experience that gives muggles a chance to cast spells, play Quidditch, and immerse themselves in endless photo opportunities…”

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“A dream come true. In the most TikTokable part of the exhibit, you can act as Chasers in a game of Quidditch, attempting to toss the Quaffle in one of three hoops.”
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“The immersive exhibition features props and costumes from the films, and puts visitors inside rooms and key scenes from the Wizarding World.”

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